Code School for Xcode Free -Learn How to Make Apps App Reviews

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Version outdated

The version used in the tutorial is outdated and can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. We need a new version adapted to the latest Swift Version!

Great tool for learning, but desparately needs an update

This program is great, but it is not up to date with the most current form of Swift. This leads to a lot of confusion based around a few minor steps. This could easily be avoided if the videos were updated. It makes me somewhat hesitant to contine lessons in the Pro version. I figured out what the Swift updates are, but it took a lot of searching, which took focus away from the lesson.

Enjoyed the Lessons

I really enjoyed the pace of these lessons. The six free lessons seem to be part of a larger tutorial that can be bought as an iPhone or iPad app. It is a little frustrating not to be able to continue lessons on my MacBook. It would also be nice to have captions, but I understand that captions can be a challenging feature to add. I don’t know if captions are available on the paid version. Overall, if you want a peek at programming in Swift and using XCode, then I recommend this app. I will be continuing with the paid lessons on an iPad.

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